Our trauma is not our fault but it is our responsibility to heal our wounds. Each of us have different life purposes, different karma to work through, and different wounds to heal. If anything is paining us in life, that is the universe calling for us to heal that or accept/ deal with it as much as we possibly can. Sometimes we help are at a position to help heal others, at other times, others help heal us.

  • Letter to anyone on the Spiritual Journey

    The spiritual path is not a well-paved road. It is a very lonely and harrowing journey which you alone can experience during your lifetime. It is a dance with just you and the universe, a uniquely singular experience that will happen only once in the whole existence of time. It is by no means just […] Read more

  • We are all a work in progress – Releasing perfectionism and judgment of self and others

    We are all a work in progress – not perfect, not complete, but always progressing and evolving towards the ideal version of ourselves that we dream of deep inside of us. And that goes for everything that we do. Whether it be our careers, our relationships, or anything else that we create in our lives, […] Read more

  • Conquering your fears

    How do you conquer your fears? I believe the only way out is through. It means that the only way to deal with fear is to allow yourself to fully feel it, but to do the thing that is required anyway. Why? Because the love for what you want to achieve is greater than the […] Read more

  • Learning through romantic relationships

    Learning through romantic relationships has been a big part of getting to know myself and understanding others at the same time. While I wasn’t really dating in high school or the first two years of college, since the age of 22, I had dated a number of guys who helped shed light into the kind […] Read more

  • Breaking old patterns

    I realized why I kept getting into the same patterns over and over again. Sticking to my health and career goals for one, two days, and then relapsing and crashing for another one, two days, and on and on the pattern goes. I think I was consciously and unconsciously expecting myself to be in this […] Read more

  • Why diets don’t work & Mastering self-discipline – Marisa Peer

    I have struggled with self-discipline, diets, and sticking to good habits for a big part of my life. I am now slowly but surely improving these parts of myself, and reading books/ watching videos regularly about self-help, self-discipline, and changing your mentality really do help. Yesterday I watched some YouTube videos from Marisa Peer, a […] Read more