Hello, I’m Minjoo

I’m a traveler, environmentalist, and artist. I want to share some of the amazing experiences that have come into my life and help you to create your own life-changing journeys.

  • #38 – Germany

    Go to the Haribo factory in Bonn

    Connect with Beethoven’s spirit in his hometown/s.

  • #40 – Guatemala

    Go bathe in the calming waters of Lake Atitlan

  • #39 – Mexico

    Explore CDMX – one of the coolest cities of the world

    Surf with dolphins and whales in Puerto Escondido

    Swim with whale sharks in La Paz

    Rave in the jungles of Tulum

    Discover the country’s rich native culture in Oaxaca.

  • #41 – India


    Learn Yoga.

    Try the yummy cuisine.

    Get into spirituality.

    Immerse yourself in nature.

  • About Me

    Hi! My name is Minjoo from Seoul, South Korea. I love traveling and have traveled to 41 countries so far. At the same time, I am passionate about environmental conservation and sustainability. I am constantly striving to find solutions for more sustainable living/ travel so that we may all enjoy and keep our planet beautiful for future generations.

About Me

Eat, Play, Love. But don’t forget your carbon footprint 😉

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