Hello, my name is Minjoo.

I’m a traveler, storyteller, and a soul-seeker originally from Seoul, South Korea.

So far I’ve lived in 4 different continents and have traveled to over 40 countries.

My purpose is to experience life to its fullest and live in the moment. I hope to inspire you through my stories and pieces of wisdom and any other knowledge that I have gained along the way.

Welcome to my adventure.

  • The importance of failing many times until you succeed.

    I have failed so many times in my life, mostly in regards to self-discipline and sticking to my long-term goals in order to achieve true happiness and fulfillment.

    I know full well with my head that consistently making the tough choices in life, and not falling to temptation, is the key to success for any endeavor I choose to pursue.

    However, I was never able to overcome my ingrained habits of mediocrity, seeking short-term pleasures, or wasting of my potential. Even if that made me deeply unhappy with myself, and with my life for many, many years.

    What I was truly lacking was two things. One was the inner strength and belief in myself and my potential. The second was practicing and failing enough times until I finally succeeded.

    With my newfound inner strength, faith and unconditional love for myself, I now realize that failure is just another way to describe my continuous efforts to practice what I want to achieve in order to one day finally succeed, and that you have to fail enough times, hundreds, thousands, or even millions of times, until you reach that goal and that is perfectly ok. That is life. It is a succession of failures, until one day, you succeed. And that applies to everything in life. That applies to becoming your best self. Achieving any goal that you have in mind. Manifesting your desires, creating abundance, beautiful relationships, anything in life. There is absolutely no need to compare your progress with anyone else, and feel bad about yourself, thinking maybe you shouldn’t be chasing after what you want. The most important thing is that you try and don’t give up.

    You try day in and day out, and you keep inspiring yourself through reading or listening to people who succeeded, you keep your faith strong in despite the hardships, you tell yourself that no matter what, and how long it takes, you will succeed. So go ahead and fail today at whatever you want in life. Fail because you want more than what you have and that is a beautiful thing. Fail enough times until one day you succeed. Then fail at another thing that you want enough times and succeed at that.

    The only time you don’t fail at anything in life is when you don’t even try to get the things that may make you happier and your life better, and that’s so much worse than failing.

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  • Lost without purpose

    I was lost without purpose for a long time.

    I felt so disconnected from life, I didn’t know what life was for, and I just wanted to know why. What was all this for? Everything felt so meaningless and pointless so I ended up doing nothing a lot of the time.

    That’s how I spent or wasted a lot of my life. Now that I’m about to turn 30, and I have gone through sort of a spiritual awakening in my late 20s, I want to live a fulfilling life where I feel as connected as possible to the moment and make the best of each day, heading towards my goals and my dreams.

    I guess my purpose now here on Earth is to make my dreams a reality. Whether big or small, we need to have a vision, a goal, or a dream that we want to manifest into reality that we can work towards every day in order to feel that our lives are worth it. That all those boring, mundane, or tough moments where we need to put in the hard work and effort to achieve our long-term goals won’t feel so bad and we have the strength to get through it because deep down we know why we have to do them. We have one life, and all this potential, and to waste it is a sort of sin which brings about a kind of hell, punishment, and consequences in the form of regret and mediocrity.

    I still struggle with it although over the past couple of years I overcame a lot of negative thinking and behavior. At times I feel quite disconnected and I tend to cope with that void through overeating, sleeping, and media consumption instead of believing in my dreams, working towards my goals, and really utilizing my time and energy wisely. I think I need to really try and be mindful throughout the whole day, do breathwork and yoga, have visual reminders about me, use charms, prayers, positive affirmations, calling on my angels and any other tools, in order to get through these moments of temptations.

  • New Moon Manifesting

    Yesterday, October 25th was the New Moon, and a partial solar eclipse in Scorpio. It’s supposed to be a time of transformation and renewal by letting our shadows come up to the surface and letting them go or accepting them.

    We can also set new intentions for the things that we want to manifest into reality.

    As for me, I’ve decided to set intentions for:

    Improved Health, specifically my stomach and shoulder pain.

    Financial Abundance, raising my monthly income by working on my translation job and starting a side project, such as blogging.

    Learning a new skill, by registering myself for learning the MIDI course. I also want to learn blogging and digital marketing.

    After one month, I hope to see that I am healthier, more abundant, and using my creative skills better than the month before. And overall happier.

    It’s still not clear exactly which projects I want to focus on and prioritize, and how they would look exactly, but I guess I will figure it out as I go.

    I do have a sort of vision where I build a website or social media presence around achieving my own goals and helping others do the same. I have a lot of dreams, and if I can achieve them then so can other people.

    I believe the key is consistency and belief, and non-judgment of self and what I produce into the world. And to think about how my content can help others.

  • Achieving perfect health

    I have been suffering from indigestion for a long time, almost 4 years.

    I think it’s due to many lifestyle factors. Such as sleeping after eating, overeating, eating late at night, eating spicy, oily, and heavy foods, and not exercising enough.

    I want to achieve perfect health as soon as possible.

    I think 4 years is quite enough time to be suffering from the same illness. It’s time for real change. Real self-discipline will be needed to control what I eat, when I eat.

  • I decided to stop all limiting beliefs about myself.

    I decided to stop all limiting beliefs about myself.

    Any negative belief such as “I couldn’t possibly do that”, or “I’m not good enough” or “I’m too old”, all these thoughts and sayings that used to run in my head automatically, I decided to change them to positive ones.

    Such as: “I can do anything that I set my mind to”.

    “I believe in miracles.”

    “Anything is possible.”

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