Letter to anyone on the Spiritual Journey

The spiritual path is not a well-paved road. It is a very lonely and harrowing journey which you alone can experience during your lifetime. It is a dance with just you and the universe, a uniquely singular experience that will happen only once in the whole existence of time. It is by no means just easy or fun. It is filled with challenges that will force you to face your biggest fears, overcome the most unmoving inner obstacles, and accepting and loving the darkest parts of yourself.

Most people are geared towards fulfilling their material desires and achieving worldly success. They are blissfully unaware that the cycle of pleasure and pain is an illusion, and they keep on playing the game of life, constantly creating their share of karma and keeping the wheel turning.

Some others are born with more awareness and consciously choose to be on a spiritual path of life. Maybe because they have suffered enough due to their ego and wanted to end their suffering, or they were simply designated to do so in this lifetime.

No matter what type of life you were born to live, in the end, it is all God playing the multitude of roles and experiencing itself in its multiple forms. The only difference is that some are aware of this and some are not. For those that are aware, they are free from the cycle of pleasure and pain, and they can watch their life unfold with calmness, and simply do their given work based on their true nature to the best of their abilities at every moment, as a sacred offering for the higher power.

That is the ultimate reward they receive in this lifetime for connecting to the divine. There is no other reward. The material fruits of their labor is a simple consequence of their joyfully working every day, no more no less.

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