We are all a work in progress – Releasing perfectionism and judgment of self and others

We are all a work in progress – not perfect, not complete, but always progressing and evolving towards the ideal version of ourselves that we dream of deep inside of us.

And that goes for everything that we do. Whether it be our careers, our relationships, or anything else that we create in our lives, it’s all a work in progress.

So there’s no need to judge ourselves so harshly for any of the mistakes we make, on the self-proclaimed “imperfections” that we haven’t yet fixed, or auto-criticize unfairly on where we may be in life at the current moment.

All that does is make us feel down, like we are not enough, and impede our continuous progress.

Progress does not look like a clear, straight line. It is a funny little bar graph with many small ups and downs, and sometimes it stagnates for the longest time ever. Other times it needs to hit rock bottom before it goes soaring back up.

The important thing is that we never forget that in the long-run we are progressing, and to constantly give ourselves the unconditional love, support, belief, and encouragement to keep going, and keep moving forward, no matter what mistakes we may make or regrets we may wish to harbor.

Because mistakes and regrets are a necessary and integral part of life. It’s what makes us learn, what makes us improve, they are those thrilling dips on the roller coaster of life that exist to make the highs feel that much better.

So embrace those mistakes. Relish in your regret. Give thanks for all your failures. Because it means that through these experiences you learn a little bit more, you become a little more wiser, and your next success, whether big or small, is just waiting for you right around the corner.

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2 responses to “We are all a work in progress – Releasing perfectionism and judgment of self and others”

  1. I read this a few times now and really love it. Very wise Minjoo.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Andrea ^-^ Glad it helped!


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