Learning through romantic relationships

Learning through romantic relationships has been a big part of getting to know myself and understanding others at the same time.

While I wasn’t really dating in high school or the first two years of college, since the age of 22, I had dated a number of guys who helped shed light into the kind of person I am and who were a big support and guide into helping me grow and mature at different points of my life. Some have really inspired me to become better, some have broken down my ego and taught me to love myself. In the end, I emerged from the relationship a wiser, more understanding person of both love and life.

Currently I am not actively dating or looking to date anyone now, even though I am at that age where many men are interested. I am still learning to love myself and to take care of myself fully, before I can open up and be honest with someone and let someone in.

Also, honestly, I haven’t really found someone that I would like to have a relationship with, and the ones that I fall hard for usually aren’t very interested in me. You might say that I have the tendency to set the bar too high for myself, and not just in the love area. I’m learning to recognize that pattern and trying to balance it out by simultaneously encouraging myself towards betterment yet not totally setting myself up to fail. Perhaps I need to be more accepting that some things or some people are not meant for me and that it is actually for my own good, from the higher perspective of the universe.

If I look back, I have tended to really fall for the workaholics, people very focused on their work, and who excel in their areas. These guys usually don’t have time to date, or they are interested in women who are not at all interested in them. Ha ha. It’s so funny how that works doesn’t it?

Perhaps I am simply recognizing myself in them, equating their success and my potential to be successful. But if I don’t actually achieve the success in the 3D, it will be hard for others to know my full potential, and it will be difficult to get what I really want.

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