Conquering your fears

How do you conquer your fears?

I believe the only way out is through.

It means that the only way to deal with fear is to allow yourself to fully feel it, but to do the thing that is required anyway.


Because the love for what you want to achieve is greater than the fear of what’s holding you back.

It is entirely our choice whether to submit to our fears and just remain in the status quo.

But if we find that we are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with our lives, or we are more inspired than ever to live that dream life that we had since we were young, then that is when we must muster up the courage to make the necessary changes and to finally do the things that we told ourselves we’d do a long time ago.

For some, they may feel that certain fears are over-exaggerated in their minds and it’s getting in the way of living an ordinary life. I have found that sometimes drastic changes are necessary to inspire myself to change in behavior, such as moving to a new location, or creating an environment that forces myself to do the things that I would normally never do.

However you choose to conquer your fears, know that fear is just an illusion of created by our own minds, and that in the face of the ultimate fear which is death, a fact that we must accept as living beings on Earth, most of our fears don’t actually amount to anything significant.

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