Breaking old patterns

I realized why I kept getting into the same patterns over and over again.

Sticking to my health and career goals for one, two days, and then relapsing and crashing for another one, two days, and on and on the pattern goes.

I think I was consciously and unconsciously expecting myself to be in this pattern based on my past behavior.

I even told my mom about this pattern. Of course, my mind and body heard this and naturally, this is exactly what happened.

Now I affirm that I break old patterns, and that the past has no hold on my present, or the future. I’ve changed a lot over the years, and so many of them have been super positive. I picked up meditation, yoga, vegetarianism, writing, reading, freelancing, relationship management, getting over emotional trauma, becoming more responsible, accepting, and financing.

I unconsciously manifested my old patterns and adversely I have the full power to consciously manifest new patterns and new realities.

I can fight against any temptation. Temptation for unhealthy food, fear, media, sleep, or anything else. I have very strong mental willpower. I have said no to so many times in my life to things I know are bad for me. I know what’s best for my mind and body, and I make the right choices for my highest, most thriving version of myself.

I trust myself and my decision making. So far I have led a successful, and fulfilling life based on my own decision making. I have learned a lot about myself and about life through these experiences. I am able to take care of myself financially and emotionally. I have put myself through school and gotten opportunities at prestigious institutions and have supported myself all throughout my 20s. I have found plenty of opportunities to work online and I have a stable income source from translating. I am a responsible and mature person who also knows how to have fun. I am honest about my skills and only accept jobs that I know can be done to the highest standard. I take time to be creative and enjoy the small, beautiful things in life.

I am beautiful, healthy, young, loved by others and full of energy. I take care of myself through exercising, healthy eating, and fine grooming. I love myself, my body and how I look, and I always and frequently talk to myself positively and lovingly.

I will talk to myself positively from now on. I will be extra conscious of my thoughts and my words. I realize the huge power of words and the pictures I conjure up in my head. I will use the magic of words and visualization to manifest my dream life and dream reality. I am grateful for this knowledge and for the universe for the love and support in achieving all of my dreams come true.

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