Why diets don’t work & Mastering self-discipline – Marisa Peer

I have struggled with self-discipline, diets, and sticking to good habits for a big part of my life. I am now slowly but surely improving these parts of myself, and reading books/ watching videos regularly about self-help, self-discipline, and changing your mentality really do help.

Yesterday I watched some YouTube videos from Marisa Peer, a world renowned therapist and a Rapid Transformational Therapy trainer. It really struck me – her ideas on self-discipline, why diets don’t work, and the habits of successful people.

First, her video on why diets don’t work, explained how we shouldn’t cut out certain foods completely, because the more we think we shouldn’t do something, or eat something, the more we want to do it, and obsess on it. Instead allow yourself to eat certain foods once a week. The ultimate trick is to love yourself and your body, and not punish your body by forcing it to eat foods it doesn’t really like or do hard exercises all of a sudden. Instead you should focus on choosing healthy, delicious foods and starting with easy, fun exercises for yourself as a form of self-love to cultivate your health and beauty goals.

The second video was about cultivating self-discipline. The 4 rules were:

  1. Do the thing you don’t want to do first. This is a secret that successful people use, because it’s so much better if you get it out of the way first because there’s a high chance you won’t do it later.
  2. Take action every day towards your goals. Even on weekends, or holidays, take 5 minutes to do something for your goals every day so that you can feel like a winner every day.
  3. Delay gratification. Before you eat that chocolate, or turn on that tv, try to delay the gratification for after you complete whatever task you need to do that day. Because you won’t be too motivated to finish your work afterwards.
  4. Praise yourself every day. Always remember to praise yourself and feel good about practicing self-discipline and doing the things you need to do, but don’t want to do. It’s not easy, and you deserve it.

The more you practice self-discipline in completing goals or sticking to your diet, the easier it will become for you over time. Eventually, it will become a habit that will feel like second nature to you.

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