100 Day Challenge – Again

I decided to start the 100 Day Challenge again.

I made the mistake of accepting jobs that were not fit for me in order to make money. It messed with my routine, and I went back to overeating and irregular sleep patterns due to stress.

I decided to quit everything for the next 100 days, take it easy with the worrying, and focus on healing my self-sabotaging behavior and confusion about what I want and what to do in life.

I want to learn to tune into my intuition and get to trust my decision making so that I’m not constantly left wondering if I’m making the right decision or whether I’m doing the right thing.

And whichever path I choose to take in life, I want to have unwavering faith so that I don’t just turn and run the other way before I get there.

I want to ask for 3 wishes for the 100 days.

  1. Be able to do with ease all the ashtanga asanas.
  2. Respond to all messages plus reach out to someone every day.
  3. Generate a comfortable active and passive income of a total of $1000 per month.

Apparently, if you write it 3 times every night before you sleep, it will come true sooner or later by changing your unconscious mind.

Every day, I will meditate, do yoga, walk, cook, clean, play music, read, write, and bathe. I will stay optimistic and cheerful, and try to accept the present as it is, and enjoy the journey towards achieving my dream.

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