The importance of failing many times until you succeed.

I have failed so many times in my life, mostly in regards to self-discipline and sticking to my long-term goals in order to achieve true happiness and fulfillment.

I know full well with my head that consistently making the tough choices in life, and not falling to temptation, is the key to success for any endeavor I choose to pursue.

However, I was never able to overcome my ingrained habits of mediocrity, seeking short-term pleasures, or wasting of my potential. Even if that made me deeply unhappy with myself, and with my life for many, many years.

What I was truly lacking was two things. One was the inner strength and belief in myself and my potential. The second was practicing and failing enough times until I finally succeeded.

With my newfound inner strength, faith and unconditional love for myself, I now realize that failure is just another way to describe my continuous efforts to practice what I want to achieve in order to one day finally succeed, and that you have to fail enough times, hundreds, thousands, or even millions of times, until you reach that goal and that is perfectly ok. That is life. It is a succession of failures, until one day, you succeed. And that applies to everything in life. That applies to becoming your best self. Achieving any goal that you have in mind. Manifesting your desires, creating abundance, beautiful relationships, anything in life. There is absolutely no need to compare your progress with anyone else, and feel bad about yourself, thinking maybe you shouldn’t be chasing after what you want. The most important thing is that you try and don’t give up.

You try day in and day out, and you keep inspiring yourself through reading or listening to people who succeeded, you keep your faith strong in despite the hardships, you tell yourself that no matter what, and how long it takes, you will succeed. So go ahead and fail today at whatever you want in life. Fail because you want more than what you have and that is a beautiful thing. Fail enough times until one day you succeed. Then fail at another thing that you want enough times and succeed at that.

The only time you don’t fail at anything in life is when you don’t even try to get the things that may make you happier and your life better, and that’s so much worse than failing.

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