Lost without purpose

I was lost without purpose for a long time.

I felt so disconnected from life, I didn’t know what life was for, and I just wanted to know why. What was all this for? Everything felt so meaningless and pointless so I ended up doing nothing a lot of the time.

That’s how I spent or wasted a lot of my life. Now that I’m about to turn 30, and I have gone through sort of a spiritual awakening in my late 20s, I want to live a fulfilling life where I feel as connected as possible to the moment and make the best of each day, heading towards my goals and my dreams.

I guess my purpose now here on Earth is to make my dreams a reality. Whether big or small, we need to have a vision, a goal, or a dream that we want to manifest into reality that we can work towards every day in order to feel that our lives are worth it. That all those boring, mundane, or tough moments where we need to put in the hard work and effort to achieve our long-term goals won’t feel so bad and we have the strength to get through it because deep down we know why we have to do them. We have one life, and all this potential, and to waste it is a sort of sin which brings about a kind of hell, punishment, and consequences in the form of regret and mediocrity.

I still struggle with it although over the past couple of years I overcame a lot of negative thinking and behavior. At times I feel quite disconnected and I tend to cope with that void through overeating, sleeping, and media consumption instead of believing in my dreams, working towards my goals, and really utilizing my time and energy wisely. I think I need to really try and be mindful throughout the whole day, do breathwork and yoga, have visual reminders about me, use charms, prayers, positive affirmations, calling on my angels and any other tools, in order to get through these moments of temptations.

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