We often don’t know how much power we have in our own hands.

But we actually have so much that we can do right here, right now in order to change our lives.

First, what we must do is put ourselves in the right energy, or right state of mind in order to bring about this chain of reaction of positive change into our lives.

Then the world will seem to be full of opportunities rather than barriers, of things we can actually do right now to improve our situation or bring about a goal that we want to achieve.

For example, if you want to have more money, there are many opportunities to make money if you only have a laptop and internet connection such as copywriting, proofreading, etc. Or you could get a job in your local area at a store or restaurant. You could even invest your money in stock or a business venture if you have some money saved up. The point is, the possibilities are endless if you just search online, read a little, and do the work.

Let’s take for another example, you want to improve your relationship with a loved one, or an acquaintance, like a coworker. While this is never easy as it involves another person who you cannot control, you can control your responses and actions towards them. If you yourself are honest, understanding, and express your wishes to discuss the issue with them, then no matter how the other person responds, at least you will have tried everything and you can be at peace knowing that you tried your best. You can then either talk it out with the other person to try and amend things or simply move on, after acknowledging that they may not come around, at least not in the near future.

The point is you have to accept that things might take some time for you to achieve the desired goal that you want, and that it needs consistent effort, no matter what it is that you want to achieve. Whether you want good health, or more abundance, or better relationships, these things cannot be changed suddenly overnight. Rather they need to be worked at every day, consistently in order to reflect this positive action and reap their rewards overtime.

What really helps to develop this kind of patience and self-discipline needed to keep doing the good karma every day is daily meditation practice and staying present in the now as much as possible during the day. 20 minutes of meditation every morning at 6 am (or as soon as you wake up) will help you to become more calm, and more aware of your thoughts and actions during the day, as well as make it easier for you to focus on and complete a task that you may not want to initially. While it might be hard to begin at first, as with anything, with practice it gets easier. It may be recommended to begin with just 5 minutes every day until you get used to waking up and getting on your mat, and gradually increase the time to 10, 15, then 20 minutes.

Finally, you need to develop the strength of faith, either in yourself, a higher power, or even better, both, in order to keep you going so that whenever you fall down, and no matter how many times you seemingly fail, you will have strong belief to keep you going that you will eventually achieve what you want in the end and not just quit during the tough transition.

Overtime, with enough daily practice, the ritual will become a habit, and you will no longer be fighting yourself to do the right actions needed to live a happy and successful life. Of course, you might fall off the wagon here and then, or even many times during your life, but remember that you can always get back on and with experience it will generally be significantly easier than when you first started.

The journey to self-empowerment and manifesting or co-creating with the universe is the most important and rewarding journey that we may get to experience in our lifetimes. It is perhaps what the human journey is essentially about.

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