Workaway Experience – Volunteering at Swasti Yoga Center in Pune, India

Life has led me to Swasti Yoga Center in Pune, India. 

It was my first time trying out Workaway. I messaged a handful of hosts and hoped that I could find a good host so I could have a nice volunteering experience somewhere in India.

When Dr. Vikas Choethe from the Swasti Yoga Center messaged me back and suggested a zoom call, I could feel that there was genuine interest in his side to host me and that was what really convinced me come to Pune.

Not to mention that I had been fostering a deep interest in yoga for the past few years, due to my health issues and long-term depression/ feeling of purposeless in life. 

So I wanted to go deeper into the philosophy of yoga as well as taking better care of my mental health through meditation and my physical health through balanced stretching and strengthening of my muscles. 

The first day I arrived to the Swasti Yoga Center, Dr. Vikas showed me to my room and introduced me to his sweet family of 7. Each of them were so helpful to me and made me feel very welcome to their home.

After I had some breakfast and took some rest, I went down to the Yoga Center to have a chat with Dr. Vikas. We discussed about the deeper meaning of yoga, which continues into life beyond the mat, and how it differs from religion and is more of a lifestyle which can be adopted by people from all over the world with guidelines rather than strict rules. He showed me the books he wrote on yoga for business ethics, yogic lessons from religious stories of India, and other books on yoga and food, yoga for kids, etc. We brainstormed on the many ways that I can contribute through my translations, story writing, art, and digital marketing activities in order to promote yoga and the Swasti Yoga Center to the world. 

I became very excited to create art and stories during my stay here. My mind was full of ideas and I was feeling very inspired. I hoped that I would be able to bring some beauty into my surroundings through divine inspiration.

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