Hippie Life in Kasar Devi, India

I’ve never heard of Kasar Devi before I came to India. Looking back that’s probably the best sign that it’s the right place to go and get away from the crowd. It was about a 6-hour drive by taxi starting at 6:30 am from Rishikesh, not bad at all. The night bus was an option, but my travel buddy had a foot injury and the convenience of the cab ride was well worth the $100-something USD for the taxi fee.

Nearing the end of the ride, I could finally feel a cool breeze as we slowly ascended the Himalayas in the car to Kasar Devi. A bit further up, we began to see sparsely located shops and guesthouses of the hipster kind. I was happy to see nice cafes and organic goods stores dotting the road as well as a few local shops and restaurants. At some point, we reached Baba’s Cake, a German bakery, where our friend was waiting for us to lead us to our accommodation – Moonlight Hostel – where our friend was already staying.

We had to drive a bit down the hill from Baba’s but within a minute or two we saw the path leading away from the road and down the mountain to the left. We took our bags and made it to the cutest blue hostel surrounded by mountain forest. The first night was a bit chilly but so cozy.

Thus began our one-month-ish stay in Kasar Devi. The next day we moved to a bigger guesthouse nearby that has a gorgeous view from the front patio, for 20,000 rupees. The auntie who owns the house even said she could cook for us for 100 rupees per plate. It was perfect.

Every day we did a trek around finding new routes and gorgeous spots for sunrise. We met with Apurve from Yogic Trails once and did an epic trek towards the waterfall/ lagoon. The scenery was breathtaking.

Kasar Devi is supposed to be one of 3 places on Earth having high electromagnetic waves from solar rays which gives it high vibrational energy, along with Macchu Picchu and Stone Henge. Whether it was true or not, I certainly felt such positive energy from this place due to its peaceful and beautiful natural sights that I felt healed from the inside once my month was nearly over.

Unfortunately we had to leave sooner than expected due to unforseen family business in Mumbai, but the people I met there and the life that I had there was unforgettable. It’s easy to understand why there were so many hippies in the 60-70’s who came here for psychadelic voyages at the infamous Hippie Hill or Crankshaw Ridge.

Do visit the famous Kasar Devi temple where Swami Vivekananda did his meditation and upon completion, decided to go to the US to spread the knowledge of Yoga to the world.

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