10 Things to Do in South Goa

Canacona can be found below Agonda, at the very south of Goa. It is home to Palolem Beach among other beaches and is a very cute, relaxed neighborhood that you could easily spend a few days to months if you wish to. I had the chance to stay with a friend about a month in this area and here are the 10 things that I would recommend you do if you happen to find yourself here.

  1. Go to the infamous Patnem chai shop

This is a very cute and famous chai shop in Patnem that you should go at least once if you’re in the area. Ask for a chai and the omelet which will come with an egg yolk in the middle. The local legend has it that a girl invented this style.

2. Learn some yoga

This is a great place if you wish to take a yoga class or two. Some places I can recommend are Bhakti Kutir and Anand Yoga Village. These are certainly not the only places you can find yoga classes, you can find plenty of information if you check around the sign boards around town for yoga classes among other activities.

3. Visit the beaches

There are plenty of pretty beaches you can go to such as Palolem, Patnem, Rajbag, Galgibag, Talpona, and Butterfly Beach. I liked Rajbag because you could see both the backwater and the beach on both sides, and Galgibagh is also called the Turtle Beach, and is a protected area with no shops/ restaurants which makes it the cleanest beach. If you are in Talpona beach you can try the two local restaurants for affordable and delicious local seafood dishes.

4. Bike Ride around

The best way to get around is by scootie. There are plenty of rental shops around, if you rent for a month it will be cheaper, but do ask around and bargain for cheaper deals, especially if you’re there during monsoon time as it’s off-season.

5. Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

If you feel more adventurous for some jungle trekking and waterfall spotting, go to the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary. The famous waterfall is the Mainapi Waterfall, but you need to do a 45 km trek so go in the morning, otherwise they won’t let you in after 2 pm.

6. Catch the Sunsets

Head out around 6 pm and find a nice spot to catch the sunset. Any beach area is an excellent spot, I like Talpona because you can also eat at the restaurants there. Take your bike and stop at any random spot where you can catch the golden sky, it will be even more magnificent if it’s a cloudy day.

7. Eat Around

There are many good restaurants around to eat nice veg/fish thalis, Indian, Goan, Western, vegan and seafood options. Some of my favorites are Cafe Kashish for north Indian food, Bibhitaki for healthy vegan food, Cafe Karma for nice smoothies and snacks, La Fetta for authentic pizza and pasta,

8. Party at Kala Bahia

If you want to party head to Kala Bahia during the weekend for a nice dance session with cool DJs. Some other cool spots for the nightlife are Piccolo Dream’s for some pool, and the Traveler’s Blue Bus for funky afro music nights.

9. Explore around

Rent a car or bike to explore around the area, and don’t hesitate to take unknown roads. You can visit Leopard Valley, hike to Butterfly Beach, go up to Agonda, or turn towards the jungle and explore there.

10. Hardcore Chilling

Don’t forget to hardcore chill in South Goa! Take in the nature that surrounds you in the roads, the houses, all the birds and wildlife you can see and the fresh air that you can breathe for free in this area.

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