Breakups are hard.

Breakups are hard. Another human being that you were so emotionally and psychologically close to can become a stranger to you in just a matter of one day.

Even if the relationship was not ideal or you knew deep down that something was not quite right – still you let someone into your life and you shared your joys and troubles together. Now it’s no more and you feel the deep void that that person has left you.

But for me nothing is worth suppressing my soul’s call to search for my complete freedom and independence – not even love. I have made this decision countless times in my life and I know I will make it countless times more.

If there is a beginning, there is also always an end. I’m understanding that the end of a relationship is a necessary part of letting someone go. Missing them and wondering how they are, processing the anger and grief, is all part of the process. With time these feelings will subside and eventually you will be ready to meet someone new again.

There is a big old puppy at the hostel that I’m staying at currently. The way that he curls up right next to me and looks up at me with eyes of pure adoration is just too cute and makes my heart melt a little.

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