Hello, my name is Minjoo.

I’m a traveler, storyteller, and a soul-seeker originally from Seoul, South Korea.

So far I’ve lived in 4 different continents and have traveled to over 40 countries.

My purpose is to experience life to its fullest and live in the moment. I hope to inspire you through my stories and pieces of wisdom and any other knowledge that I have gained along the way.

Welcome to my adventure.

  • We are all a work in progress – Releasing perfectionism and judgment of self and others

    We are all a work in progress – not perfect, not complete, but always progressing and evolving towards the ideal version of ourselves that we dream of deep inside of us.

    And that goes for everything that we do. Whether it be our careers, our relationships, or anything else that we create in our lives, it’s all a work in progress.

    So there’s no need to judge ourselves so harshly for any of the mistakes we make, on the self-proclaimed “imperfections” that we haven’t yet fixed, or auto-criticize unfairly on where we may be in life at the current moment.

    All that does is make us feel down, like we are not enough, and impede our continuous progress.

    Progress does not look like a clear, straight line. It is a funny little bar graph with many small ups and downs, and sometimes it stagnates for the longest time ever. Other times it needs to hit rock bottom before it goes soaring back up.

    The important thing is that we never forget that in the long-run we are progressing, and to constantly give ourselves the unconditional love, support, belief, and encouragement to keep going, and keep moving forward, no matter what mistakes we may make or regrets we may wish to harbor.

    Because mistakes and regrets are a necessary and integral part of life. It’s what makes us learn, what makes us improve, they are those thrilling dips on the roller coaster of life that exist to make the highs feel that much better.

    So embrace those mistakes. Relish in your regret. Give thanks for all your failures. Because it means that through these experiences you learn a little bit more, you become a little more wiser, and your next success, whether big or small, is just waiting for you right around the corner.

    #healing #motivation #inspiration

  • Conquering your fears

    How do you conquer your fears?

    I believe the only way out is through.

    It means that the only way to deal with fear is to allow yourself to fully feel it, but to do the thing that is required anyway.


    Because the love for what you want to achieve is greater than the fear of what’s holding you back.

    It is entirely our choice whether to submit to our fears and just remain in the status quo.

    But if we find that we are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with our lives, or we are more inspired than ever to live that dream life that we had since we were young, then that is when we must muster up the courage to make the necessary changes and to finally do the things that we told ourselves we’d do a long time ago.

    For some, they may feel that certain fears are over-exaggerated in their minds and it’s getting in the way of living an ordinary life. I have found that sometimes drastic changes are necessary to inspire myself to change in behavior, such as moving to a new location, or creating an environment that forces myself to do the things that I would normally never do.

    However you choose to conquer your fears, know that fear is just an illusion of created by our own minds, and that in the face of the ultimate fear which is death, a fact that we must accept as living beings on Earth, most of our fears don’t actually amount to anything significant.

  • Learning through romantic relationships

    Learning through romantic relationships has been a big part of getting to know myself and understanding others at the same time.

    While I wasn’t really dating in high school or the first two years of college, since the age of 22, I had dated a number of guys who helped shed light into the kind of person I am and who were a big support and guide into helping me grow and mature at different points of my life. Some have really inspired me to become better, some have broken down my ego and taught me to love myself. In the end, I emerged from the relationship a wiser, more understanding person of both love and life.

    Currently I am not actively dating or looking to date anyone now, even though I am at that age where many men are interested. I am still learning to love myself and to take care of myself fully, before I can open up and be honest with someone and let someone in.

    Also, honestly, I haven’t really found someone that I would like to have a relationship with, and the ones that I fall hard for usually aren’t very interested in me. You might say that I have the tendency to set the bar too high for myself, and not just in the love area. I’m learning to recognize that pattern and trying to balance it out by simultaneously encouraging myself towards betterment yet not totally setting myself up to fail. Perhaps I need to be more accepting that some things or some people are not meant for me and that it is actually for my own good, from the higher perspective of the universe.

    If I look back, I have tended to really fall for the workaholics, people very focused on their work, and who excel in their areas. These guys usually don’t have time to date, or they are interested in women who are not at all interested in them. Ha ha. It’s so funny how that works doesn’t it?

    Perhaps I am simply recognizing myself in them, equating their success and my potential to be successful. But if I don’t actually achieve the success in the 3D, it will be hard for others to know my full potential, and it will be difficult to get what I really want.

  • Breaking old patterns

    I realized why I kept getting into the same patterns over and over again.

    Sticking to my health and career goals for one, two days, and then relapsing and crashing for another one, two days, and on and on the pattern goes.

    I think I was consciously and unconsciously expecting myself to be in this pattern based on my past behavior.

    I even told my mom about this pattern. Of course, my mind and body heard this and naturally, this is exactly what happened.

    Now I affirm that I break old patterns, and that the past has no hold on my present, or the future. I’ve changed a lot over the years, and so many of them have been super positive. I picked up meditation, yoga, vegetarianism, writing, reading, freelancing, relationship management, getting over emotional trauma, becoming more responsible, accepting, and financing.

    I unconsciously manifested my old patterns and adversely I have the full power to consciously manifest new patterns and new realities.

    I can fight against any temptation. Temptation for unhealthy food, fear, media, sleep, or anything else. I have very strong mental willpower. I have said no to so many times in my life to things I know are bad for me. I know what’s best for my mind and body, and I make the right choices for my highest, most thriving version of myself.

    I trust myself and my decision making. So far I have led a successful, and fulfilling life based on my own decision making. I have learned a lot about myself and about life through these experiences. I am able to take care of myself financially and emotionally. I have put myself through school and gotten opportunities at prestigious institutions and have supported myself all throughout my 20s. I have found plenty of opportunities to work online and I have a stable income source from translating. I am a responsible and mature person who also knows how to have fun. I am honest about my skills and only accept jobs that I know can be done to the highest standard. I take time to be creative and enjoy the small, beautiful things in life.

    I am beautiful, healthy, young, loved by others and full of energy. I take care of myself through exercising, healthy eating, and fine grooming. I love myself, my body and how I look, and I always and frequently talk to myself positively and lovingly.

    I will talk to myself positively from now on. I will be extra conscious of my thoughts and my words. I realize the huge power of words and the pictures I conjure up in my head. I will use the magic of words and visualization to manifest my dream life and dream reality. I am grateful for this knowledge and for the universe for the love and support in achieving all of my dreams come true.

  • Why diets don’t work & Mastering self-discipline – Marisa Peer

    I have struggled with self-discipline, diets, and sticking to good habits for a big part of my life. I am now slowly but surely improving these parts of myself, and reading books/ watching videos regularly about self-help, self-discipline, and changing your mentality really do help.

    Yesterday I watched some YouTube videos from Marisa Peer, a world renowned therapist and a Rapid Transformational Therapy trainer. It really struck me – her ideas on self-discipline, why diets don’t work, and the habits of successful people.

    First, her video on why diets don’t work, explained how we shouldn’t cut out certain foods completely, because the more we think we shouldn’t do something, or eat something, the more we want to do it, and obsess on it. Instead allow yourself to eat certain foods once a week. The ultimate trick is to love yourself and your body, and not punish your body by forcing it to eat foods it doesn’t really like or do hard exercises all of a sudden. Instead you should focus on choosing healthy, delicious foods and starting with easy, fun exercises for yourself as a form of self-love to cultivate your health and beauty goals.

    The second video was about cultivating self-discipline. The 4 rules were:

    1. Do the thing you don’t want to do first. This is a secret that successful people use, because it’s so much better if you get it out of the way first because there’s a high chance you won’t do it later.
    2. Take action every day towards your goals. Even on weekends, or holidays, take 5 minutes to do something for your goals every day so that you can feel like a winner every day.
    3. Delay gratification. Before you eat that chocolate, or turn on that tv, try to delay the gratification for after you complete whatever task you need to do that day. Because you won’t be too motivated to finish your work afterwards.
    4. Praise yourself every day. Always remember to praise yourself and feel good about practicing self-discipline and doing the things you need to do, but don’t want to do. It’s not easy, and you deserve it.

    The more you practice self-discipline in completing goals or sticking to your diet, the easier it will become for you over time. Eventually, it will become a habit that will feel like second nature to you.

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